Respond to enquiries quickly

This is the number one tip – Many holidaymakers enquire about a couple of properties at the same time. Getting back to these people promptly will ensure that you stand out from the competition.



  •     Register for our free SMS service
  •     List your mobile number on your advert
  •     Check your junk mail regularly, just in case!



Ask past guests to review your property after their stay. Some holidaymakers are nervous about booking with a private individual and will feel more confident to book if they can get feedback from a previous guest.


  •     Fill in your testimonial section in your advert
  •     Put holidaymakers in touch with previous guests



Make your property stand out from the crowd:

Sometimes a guest is comparing very similar properties. Make sure you let them know why they should pick yours above the rest! Maybe it’s the price, location of your house, or the high standard of interior decoration. Whatever it is, make sure you
Know your unique selling points and share that with potential guests.

Remember, a  picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, the images that you decide to display in your advert are perhaps the most important factor when selling your holiday home. A dull, blurry image of your property is not a good marketing tool.



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