Why advertise with Holiday Homes Direct?

As a holiday homeowner, it can be expensive and cumbersome to promote and market your property effectively. Many property owners have individual websites but getting traffic to these sites can be a difficult task. Holiday Homes Direct provides one website for people who are looking for privately owned holiday accommodation and we aim to increase your holiday rental income through effective advertising and an easy to use website providing detailed and easily accessible accommodation information.

Most of the advertisers on our site are private owners who let out their property for either some or all of the year. They receive booking enquiries from our site either directly to themselves or to their representative/agent who is managing their property.

What do you get when you advertise with Holiday Homes Direct?

Each advertiser gets a full-color page advertisement, including 24 photographs allowing them to showcase their property. The site has an availability calendar, which can be updated to show live availability. There is a contact form on the site so that booking enquiries can be forwarded directly by email. Any enquiries can be changed into a confirmed booking and the system will automatically update your availability calendar.

Statistics are also provided about bookings obtained and viewings made on your holiday rental property. However, as people generally use several different channels to promote their holiday home, the Holiday Homes Direct site can record bookings and enquiries from other sources too making it a very effective administrative tool.

Advertisers are provided with login details specific to their property and they can make changes to their page whenever they want and as often as they want.

How much is it to advertise on the Holiday Homes Direct website?

We offer 3 different packages allowing you to tailor-make your advertising to suit your needs. With prices from only EUR129, our site represents great value for money. We also offer a discount of 50% for all additional properties listed with us.

How do I add my Holiday Home

To add your holiday home, simply click on ‘Add your holiday home’ and complete the Contact Details form. When this form is complete you will be emailed your username which you can change at any stage. You will be sent an email once you have completed your registration asking you to create a password.  

The importance of picking a strong, safe password cannot be emphasized enough! If somebody obtains your password, they may use your account to see your private data and business dealings.  The simple guidelines below will guard against someone acquiring your password.   


  • Make your password as long as possible. Use at least 6 characters, two of which should be numeric.
  • Use different characters. i.e. Use numbers, punctuation characters and, if possible, upper and lower-case letters.
  • Do not use personal information!. Obviously avoid things like your name, phone number, address, property name, and number.
  • Do not use words, geographical names, or biographical names that are listed in standard dictionaries.
  • Never use a password that is the same as your advert/account number.
  • Avoid passwords that are simple to spot when you're typing them


When you log into the system, you will be in the owner's area

To change a password, click I've forgotten my password, you will be sent a reset link.


Stages to adding your property?

There are a couple of stages to adding your property.


  • Step 1 Add Property: This will bring you into a detailed form where you can put in the information about your holiday home, where it is located, details on the area, etc.
  • Step 2 Images: Upload your property images 
  • Step 3 Availability: Add an availability calendar to your property 
  • Step 4 Tariffs: Multiple tariffs can be set for various times of the year.


It will take you about 30 minutes to add your holiday home. The ads will be reviewed and activated within one working day. If you need any assistance during the process we are more than happy to help. You can ask us for assistance at any time by calling  +353 1 4853643 or +44 203 4684561 (9am-5.00 pm Monday-Friday) or email [email protected]

Once your property is activated, we would recommend that you review it to ensure that all the details are as accurate as possible. If at this stage you have any further queries please call Customer Services at +353 1 4853643 or +44 203 4684561 (9am-5.30 pm, Monday-Friday)

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