Terms & Conditions of using Holiday Homes Direct 

Holiday Homes Direct do not charge holidaymakers to access the Holiday Homes Direct site. However, this site is only to be used to contact our advertisers regarding the suitability of their individual property as a holiday rental. Any use by a person or entity for any purpose other than the research and subsequent booking of a holiday rental property is strictly prohibited. By visiting this site, you are subject to the following terms and conditions:
Personal use
The site must not be used for any reason other than to view or make legitimate enquiries to owners regarding your interest in particular holiday rental properties.

Downloading of information from the Website
As a part of the rental enquiry process, for your own purposes and not for further distribution, you may download, display, or print any portion of Holiday Homes Direct site content. You may not modify the Content in any way.

Holiday Homes Direct makes no representation as to the accuracy contained within the Holiday Homes Direct website. The property details content is the sole responsibility of the owner or agent of the property displayed. Holiday Homes Direct has not confirmed the accuracy thereof and accordingly holidaymakers are strongly recommended to make their own investigations into the authenticity of any information supplied. Holiday Homes Direct are in no way liable for any inaccuracies or misleading statements made in the information provided by the owner or the agent of properties on the website.  

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We are an advertising service for Advertisers and an accommodation search facility for holidaymakers.  We do not own, inspect or providing content for any of the properties advertised on our site.  All photographs and information relating to each property have been provided by the property owner and are not our responsibility.  We do not warrant that we have conducted an inspection of the property.  Advertisers shall be responsible for ensuring that they have all the necessary rights, licenses, and authorizations to rent the property. 

We have absolutely no involvement in the booking process or transaction.  We make no claims as to the quality, safety, or legality of any of the properties advertised.  Neither can we confirm the accuracy of the advertisements or their content.  It is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser to be eligible to rent the property and the sole responsibility of the holidaymaker to pay for the rental... We simply charge the advertiser a fee to advertise the property on our website.

Any contract for the rental of any property listed on our website is directly between an advertiser and a holidaymaker and we are not a party to that contract.  All Holidaymakers must acknowledge that any claim they may have that is in any way connected with a dispute they have with the advertiser on our site must be brought directly against that Advertiser and not against us.  Holidaymakers and Advertisers must agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including legal fees) suffered or incurred.

We require Advertisers to advertise properties truthfully, fairly, and accurately, and we take reasonable steps to remove advertisements from our site following any complaint from a Holidaymaker or another Advertiser, however, we have no control over the accuracy of any advertisement or the capacity of any advertiser to make a booking with a holidaymaker.

We disclaim all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage (including personal injury) suffered or incurred by holidaymakers., please ensure that in all cases when you make a payment for your rental ensure that you 

When making payment for your holiday do not pay by bank transfer to an overseas bank, please pay by PayPal, Credit Card 

Unauthorized use
Unless you have the prior written consent of Holiday Homes Direct, you may not:

  • Copy, reproduce, upload, post, display, republish, distribute, transmit, any part of the website Content in any form whatsoever
  • Reproduce our content on your Website 
  • Modify, translate into any language or computer language, or create derivative works from, any Content or any part of this Website; 
  • Sell, offer for sale, transfer, or license any portion of the Website in any form to any third parties; 
  • Use any robot, spider, another automatic device, or manual process to monitor, copy, or keep a database copy of the Content; 
  • Use the Website other than to make legitimate enquiries regarding the rental of a property to Holiday Homes Direct advertisers
  • Use the Website to make any false, fraudulent or speculative reservation, or any reservation in anticipation of demand.
  • Post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law; or for any other purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms. 
  • Use or access the Website in any way that, in our reasonable judgment, adversely affects the performance or function of the Site.
  • Upload or transmit to the Website or use any device, software or routine that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or other computer programming routines that may damage, interfere or attempt to interfere with or intercept, the normal operation of our Website, or appropriate the Website or any system, or take any action that imposes an unreasonable load on our computer equipment, or that infringes upon the rights of a third party; 
  • Use any device, software, or routine that interferes, or attempts to interfere, with the normal operation of our site, or take any action that impose an unreasonable load on our equipment; or 
  • Disguise the origin of the information transmitted through the Website.
  • About Holiday Homes Direct and booking procdures


Terms & Conditions 

Holiday Homes Direct cannot accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements, or any alleged breaches of contract on an advertiser's part and the advertiser indemnifies Holiday Homes Direct  against all costs, expenses, and losses arising out of a claim relating to the content of an advertisement.
Advertisers are responsible for keeping their availability accurate and up-to-date, particularly for periods where searchable special offers are being displayed.  Special offers are not displayed if the period they cover is marked as 'booked' on the availability chart.
Photographic Materials
Holiday Homes Direct will make every effort to safeguard all materials supplied, and return them if required, but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, however caused, and for any loss or damage sustained.
Every effort will be made to reproduce faithfully all advertisements submitted, but Holiday Homes Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage or otherwise resulting from errors or omission.
Holiday Homes Direct does not warrant that the operation of the Holiday Homes Direct site will be uninterrupted or error-free.
In no event shall Holiday Homes Direct be liable to the advertiser for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages, including lost profits.
Copyright authorities
 The advertiser represents and warrants that he
(a)    owns the copyright in the photographic and textual material supplied by him to Holiday Homes Direct (the Material) or
(b)    has been authorised by the owner of the copyright in the Material to grant Holiday Homes Direct permission to use the Material as contemplated below.
The advertiser grants Holiday Homes Direct a perpetual, royalty-free license to use the Material for promotional purposes (including marketing and public relations material).
The advertiser irrevocably and unconditionally indemnifies Holiday Homes Direct immediately on demand against any cost, loss or liability (including legal costs) which Holiday Homes Direct may incur by reason of any breach of copyright arising from its use of the Material.
The advertiser understands that it may not reproduce photographic or textual material from any part of the Holiday Homes Direct website without permission from the relevant copyright owner.

Copyright protection 
Material and software on these sites is copyright protected. Other than using it for your own personal use the material may not otherwise be used or copied without the prior written approval of Holiday Homes Direct or the body who listed that information on the sites.

Layout and design of Holiday Homes Direct website
Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to determine the final design layout of the website, including the right to edit copy or amend layouts or photographs supplied. Holiday Homes Direct also reserves the right, to amend and edit copy entered into the online database by advertisers. Holiday Homes Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss, or damage, resulting from the design, or positioning, of the properties, or changes made to the photographs and copy submitted by the customer.

External links
Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to refuse hypertext links to, or addresses of, other web sites from advertisers' pages, and to remove links or web addresses without notice at our sole discretion. Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to charge for hypertext links at any time.
Guest books
Any entries in the guest book section must be genuine comments from guests who have stayed at the property advertised. The e-mail address of the guests whose comments are given must be supplied on request.
Substitution of properties
An advertisement relates to a specific property. The property in an advertisement may not be substituted by another property.
If an advertiser is found to have changed the property being described, Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to suspend the advert in question
Advertising more than one property in one advertisement 
Each advertisement on the Holiday Homes Direct site displays an individual property where people will spend their holidays - not examples of properties in a given area. Only one property can appear on each advertisement unless it is a property with multiple rental units on the same site, and additional advertising units are purchased. Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to amend the copy or remove the advertisement when more than one property is described in the advertisement.
Termination of advertising
If advertisers wish to have their advertisement removed from the Internet before the end of their subscription period, this will be done, but no refunds will be paid.
Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for the Holiday Homes Direct web site, and will not be liable for any loss or expense in so doing.
If an advertiser attempts to enter unsuitable material into the Holiday Homes Direct on-line database or persistently misuses the on-line systems, Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to remove the property from the Holiday Homes Direct site. No refunds will be paid.
If Holiday Homes Direct receives a complaint from a person who has rented an advertiser's property which Holiday Homes Direct, acting reasonably, consider is justified, or an advertiser knowingly double-books a property, or engages in any unacceptable practices or is in breach of its obligations to Holiday Homes Direct , then Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to remove the property from the Holiday Homes Direct web site without notice.
Holiday Homes Direct treats the personal information of site users with the utmost respect and confidentiality and takes reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is stored securely and accurately. Your personal information will never be provided to any third party for their marketing or promotional use.

In the interest of maintaining a high level of service to holidaymakers using the site, we require all advertisers to be available to respond to enquiries by telephone or email. Should advertisers be unavailable for a period of more than 1 week, we ask them to leave an answerphone message to that effect or set up an out of office response on their email account. If neither of these options is viable, we ask that advertisers call on  +353 1 4853643 or +44 203 4684561 (9am-5.00 pm Monday-Friday) or email [email protected]

so we can temporarily suspend their advert. We reserve the right to suspend adverts of owners who are unreachable for more than 1 week. In this instance, we will send messages by telephone or email asking for the advertiser to request re-activation upon their return.
Changes to pricing and conditions
Holiday Homes Direct reserves the right to change the rates and terms and conditions without notice. Any new rates will be applicable immediately for new advertisers and upon renewal for existing advertisers.

Use of this site
A condition of your continued use of this site is that you agree not to use this site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions or by other applicable laws and regulations. Your continued use of the site also signifies that you indemnify Holiday Homes Direct from any loss or damage or costs in connection with any breach of these conditions or any other legal obligation by you and your use of, or conduct on the site.

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