Why should I use Holiday Homes Direct?

Our site offers you a comprehensive list of holiday homes in Ireland and abroad to rent, directly from the owner. Our site is designed to be easy to use and some of its key features include:

  • Up to 24 Full colour photographs showcasing the holiday home
  • Detailed descriptions of each property, providing you with information about the property, the facilities, the area and the region.
  • An availability calender so that you can tell immediately if the property is booked or available.
  • Prices – Detailed tariffs for all the seasons
  • An enquiry form where you can send any queries directly to the owner

What are the advantages of booking my holiday accommodation this way?

  • Better Value for money as you are cutting out the middle man
  • It's a personal and flexible way of finding the best property for your holiday!
  • More informed service as the homeowners know the area and the property.
  • It’s easy to book your own tailor-made holiday to suit your requirements.

What do I do when I want to know more about a property?

If you want any more information about a Property, click on the 'Contact Owner' button which is provided on each page.

What happens then?

The Property Owner will email you back and let you know that the property is available and answer any of your questions about it. From that point on you handle all booking procedures between yourselves. Booking details vary from Owner to Owner, but most will ask for a deposit towards the cost of the holiday, which again is paid between you.

What about getting there?

Property Owners can give you all the travel advice you need - from low-cost airfares to driving directions. We think that no one gives better advice than someone who lives there. The property owner will give you all the details about directions, key transfer and arrival times.

What if I do not hear back from an Owner?

If you have given an Owner a reasonable time to reply and tried all the contact details on their advert - some Owners list their phone numbers for example - then you can email us and we will contact them again on your behalf.

How can I be sure of an Advertiser's integrity?

  1. All adverts state how long the properties have been advertised on our site. The longer an advert has been on our site the more track record and trust that can be placed in their authenticity.
  2. Never pay for accommodation by anonymous/untraceable methods of payment, such as using a bank transfer company. Be sure that you are paying the advertiser directly or an established agent. If they ask for money to be paid to a third party be wary.
  3. If in doubt, carry out checks of whether the person you are dealing with is the person they say that they are. Look online for other references to this owner or agent (Google search, other websites, tourist organisations or personal websites). Ask for references or contact the holiday homes direct team to see whether we have ever had any feedback on this property.
  4. Call the owner or manager, do speak with the advertiser directly on the telephone. This is often the best way to see if you are comfortable with renting from this individual. Email communication alone does not give you a feel for who you are dealing with.
  5. Always insist on having a booking contract for your reservation. This should set out all the terms and conditions of the holiday letting, including payment terms, legal/insurance obligations and cancellation terms. Be wary if you have not been offered a booking contract.
  6. We investigate any complaint raised by a holidaymaker to ensure that our advertisers are accurately describing their properties and behaving in a responsible and professional manner to holidaymakers. Should this ever not be the case, we reserve the right to suspend adverts immediately. If you feel unsure, please feel free to ask for references of past visitors from the property advertiser, and ensure you have a full set of contact details for them.


“We are an advertising service for Advertisers and an accommodation search facility for holidaymakers.  We do not own, inspect or provide content for any of the properties advertised on our site.  All photographs and information relating to each property has been provided by the property owner and is not our responsibility.  We do not warrant that we have conducted any inspection of the property.  Advertisers shall be responsible for ensuring that they have all necessary rights, licences and authorisations to rent the property.  (This will ensure responsibility rests upon owners/letters etc., to prove they have permission to rent out the property).


We have absolutely no involvement in the booking process or transaction.  We make no claims as to the quality, safety or legality of any of the properties advertised.  Neither can we confirm the accuracy of the advertisements or their content.  It is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser to be eligible to rent the property and the sole responsibility of the holidaymaker to pay for the rental.  (again this ensures both advertiser and holidaymaker are aware all monetary transactions are between them and you are not involved).  You simply charge the advertiser a fee to advertise the property on your website.


Any contract for the rental of any property listed on our site is directly between an advertiser and a holidaymaker and we are not a party to that contract.  All Holidaymakers must acknowledge that any claim they may have that is in any way connected with a dispute they have with the advertiser on our site must be brought directly against that Advertiser and not against us.  Holidaymakers and Advertisers must agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) suffered or incurred.


We merely act as an advertising service through which Advertisers can advertise properties to Holidaymakers.  We do not own nor have we inspected nor do we have any control whatsoever over any property listed on our site and we make no representations or warranties regarding any of the properties.


We require Advertisers to advertise properties truthfully, fairly and accurately, and we take reasonable steps to remove advertisements from our site following any complaint from a Holidaymaker or another Advertiser, however, we have no control over the accuracy of any advertisement or the capacity of any advertiser to make a booking with a holidaymaker.


We disclaim all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage (including personal injury) suffered or incurred by holidaymakers.

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