Reach for the stars when it comes to property investment

[ Sunday, 11th February 2007 ]
YOU'RE all gone mad. Gone property mad to be exact. Sure the madra in the streets now own at least seven kennels in Ireland AND a similar number abroad.

Nowadays an Irishman's home is not his castle but his castles, and who can blame mná and fir na hÉireann for looking outside Ireland when it comes to property investment.

The reason of course is that the numbers of second homes and investments have risen so sharply abroad is because of cost.

In Ireland you can currently buy a cardboard box, without the cardboard, for about €500,000.

For that price in France you can have a chateau, in China a 20-bed penthouse, or in Albania well you can probably buy the country.

Mary FitzGerald, PR guru and all-round good woman, has recognised that the small Irish investor is crying out for advice on buying investment property at home and abroad.

This year, following her highly successful outing over the last few years, is once again launching her property investment course, 'Property Ladder'.

For those with an interest in property and for those considering investing overseas or in Ireland, this course aims to inform debate and discuss the best investment opportunities and the pitfalls to be avoided.

Whilst examining up-to-the-minute tax and legal advice, it will provide the latest information on investment trends in Ireland, Britain, Spain, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, South Africa, Dubai and China.

It will also examine new emerging investment opportunities in Cape Verde, Poland and Latvia.

The course will feature a range of presentations covering many of the topical questions faced by would-be or experienced property investors.

It will cover many areas from financing a property abroad to from home equity release, to tax and legal implications of buying extra territorially.

The eight-week Property Ladder course begins in the National College of Ireland in the IFSC, Dublin 1, tomorrow, February 12, running through to Monday, April 2.

The course will run each Monday from 7.30pm-9.30pm and costs €190. For further details phone 01 678 7916 or email or to book on line visit