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[ Sunday, 14th January 2007 ]

Look What's New - Fancy jetting off to somewhere different? Here's a taste of whats on offer.

Costa Dorada, Spain

The Costa Dorada, or Golden Coast, runs from Blanes past the main city, Barcelona, and on south to Tarragona.  What makes it one of the best holiday areas in Spain is the fantastic selection of beaches and the beautiful mountain scenery.  It has the best of both worlds.  Barcelona is found along this stretch of coast and is an unforgettable city. For families, Port Aventura theme park is excellent. Experience the Dragon Khan roller coaster with eight inverted loops. Try out the two track roller coaster Stampida entirely made of wood and get soaked on Tutuki Splash.  Hire a car and drive along the beautiful coast to see the ancient Roman city of Tarragona and the pretty fishing villas of Cambrils. 

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a small group of ten islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are located south of the Canary islands, just off the west coast of Africa.  The islands are becoming a Mecca for windsurfers, surfers, body boarders and kite surfers.  Diving is exciting with massive rock formations, caves, canyons and ledges, plus there are many ship wrecks. Relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy swimming in the fresh clear waters. Visit the Pedro Lume salt mines where the saliency level is on a par with the Dead Sea and worth experiencing for a weightless float. The sea and the amazing beaches are the main attraction. The main beach of Santa Maria is eight kilometres of shimmering tropical white sand, crystal clear and blue waters.


Known as "The Jewel of the Balkans," Bulgaria is a country of beautiful, unspoilt scenery, with miles of golden sandy beaches. Bulgaria is a perfect for a relaxing holiday offering the guest a taste of rich culture and traditions. Beachside resorts offer relaxing days by the Black Sea followed by long nights in some of the bars and restaurants dotted along the coast. Bulgaria offers safe beaches with perfect swimming conditions and over 370 kilometres of coastline.

Sunday Independent Travel Magazine - 14th January 2007 - Dee Laffan