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France is a sophisticated powerhouse of architecture, art, cinema, cuisine, fashion, literature, music and wine. Its countless attractions, enchanting culture and pastoral countryside attract more than 79 million tourist each year, receiving more visitors than any other country on the planet...For more information on holiday homes in France, click here

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FROM €1750 to €1850 p/w

chez annabelle

FROM €2200 to €2900 p/w

maison le rieu

centre city apartment

FROM €460 to €1250 p/w

duplex gite

FROM €400 to €800 p/w

puce gite

FROM €700 to €1600 p/w

ecurie with studio

FROM €600 to €800 p/w

beaulieu sur mer, accommodation cote d'azur

FROM €1900 to €3000 p/w

l'horte 2 rue l'arquet, verzeilles

FROM €450 to €600 p/w

le sureau

FROM €907 to €2306 p/w

villa sophora sables d'olonne vende

FROM €700 to €1900 p/w


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