Ireland continues to be a very popular tourist destination and offers visitors breathtaking scenery and friendly hospitality. If you want to Discover Ireland, hire a car and explore the beautiful countryside and great nightlife that can be found in the local communities.  Discover the West of Ireland and its rugged coastlines and wonderful beaches or why not enjoy a city break in Dublin.

Ireland can be perceived as an expensive destination but there are ways to Discover Ireland without breaking the bank. 
Travelling to Ireland is relatively cheap as it is the home of the ‘low cost airlines’ and air tickets offer good value for money. There are also a lot of ferry services from France and Britain to Ireland.  Ireland Accommodation also offers a great selection of choices from luxury hotels to the more traditional Bed and Breakfasts or self- catering in Ireland allows you to enjoy more privacy and space, especially if you are on your Family Holidays. Irish Cottages are very popular, especially Irish country cottages in remote locations, and a lot of these old traditional cottages in Ireland have been renovated to a high standard.

There are lots of options for Family holidays in Ireland with lots of wonderful beaches, watersports and attractions for children. 

Tourists from outside the EU need a passport that will remain valid for six months after entry to come to Ireland but EU citizens can travel freely to and from Ireland if bearing official photo ID.

Ireland enjoys a relatively mild climate with a mean annual temperature of around 10°C.  The weather however can be unpredictable and it is not uncommon to experience the ‘four seasons in one day’. The coldest months are January and February, when daily temperatures average 7°C. In summer, the warmest months are July and August with an average temperature of 16°C.

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