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Top Ten Tips for Getting more Rentals- Raising the profile.

HHD TOP TIPS 2 - Raising Your Profile


Now onto the business of your Holiday Homes Profile Page… How to get more rentals. How to stand out from the crowd. How to give people a flavor of what they will expect when visiting. Below is a breakdown of what we believe from experience to be the most important elements of your online 'shop window' on Holiday Homes Direct. This is your opportunity to show off and to let people know why your home is the one they want to stay in.

Photos - How to make the most out of your photographs to sell your property

A picture tells a thousand words. Take pictures of the garden, the house, the beautiful pool, or veranda; whatever makes your house unique. Photograph the bedrooms, the relaxation spots and the kitchen, even the bathroom. Add in flowers, food, a full bath.  Make sure the photos are high quality - most smart phones these days have HD cameras, so this is simple. Be creative, put people in the pictures and show them enjoying the place. This is your chance to show off! 

The Local Area - Show off your knowledge, it is invaluable

Its surprising when a house is in a gorgeous, historic area and this isn't mentioned in the blurb. People come for all aspects of the place, for all experiences of the area. Make sure to have details of the history, the culture and the quirky little facts and knowledge that only you have about your area. It would help to have pictures included on your page of places of interest, and even places where a good story might come from. Talking about the locale gives people a more holistic impression of where they want to be.


Amenities - What's on offer?

Let your customer know what they can do while they stay with you. Do you have added extras like bike hire? Is there a market close by? A pharmacy? A train station? Think like a holiday maker, think about all the things available when you arrive at your destination, and provide the information. For example, the knowledge of a link road to a motorway may seem common in your local area, but to a visitor it is invaluable. Think of all the amenities that people may want, and add them to your page.

The Weather - Everyone's Talkin' About it

Give a detail of the weather, make it an over view of the seasonal weather, what is to be expected. We Irish decide most things based on the weather, so it is a great incentive to have it detailed. You could elaborate and let people know what there is to do in different weather where they will be staying.

Terms and Conditions apply, see tiny unreadable print for details - Be Transparent with your sale

This is where you can add things that protect both you and the holiday maker. Is there a deposit? Do you require a copy of passports? What are the certain conditions upon which you operate. Be transparent. People only like adventurous surprises on holiday - not financial or contractual ones. 

PayPal - Take payment with ease

Set up a PayPal account and take payment straight away. We will be addressing this in full in another Top Ten Tips so don't worry! 

Update Your Information on Holiday Homes Direct with your new rates and prices for 2015

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