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Top Ten Tips For Getting More Rentals - Tip 5 - Food and Drink


We're half way there in our Top Ten Tips, and today we are letting you know about Food and Drink in all its manifestations. How to best engage with your guests through the mighty equaliser that is food!

Below are some handy little tips on how to get your home geared up to provide info and some of the morsels that can help your guests feed their bodies while they stay with you. These are suggestions and if you have more, please let us know on our Facebook page - the link is below. 

One very important aspect of a first impression to a holiday home is what is found in the fridge or the cupboards. Most people on their travels will have taken a long journey and will not have had time to get the essentials when they arrive. They want to chill out and relax before thinking of the practicalities. A nice way to help is to have a fridge with the basics of milk, bottled water, some juice even and have some butter, bread and some nibbles in the cupboard. You might think of making a little welcome pack but we will get to that in our Top Tip no. 9! Think about what you would like in the cupboards when you arrive and stock accordingly. 

You will know the local area better than anyone, so why not have a list of the local restaurants on the fridge or a cork board in the kitchen, so your guest will know where to eat and what type of food is offered in the local area. 

It might even be a nice idea to have a list of the phone numbers there too, so they can book their reservations in advance. 

All these little touches add to the ease of a holiday and ensure that your short stay tenants will give you a top rating. 

Think about your favourite places, and even list them in your preference. Let them know which restaurants/ cafes are friendly for kids, or good for romantic nights out.

Navigating a new town can be daunting for anyone, especially if there are barriers like language, or even road signs. 

A nice idea for your guests would be to provide a guide to the local shops and what type of food they sell. Is there a supermarket near by that specialises in a certain type of food? Is there a coeliac friendly shop? 

Having a map there with the shops marked out is a wonderful time saver for a family, especially with regard to 'out of town' larger supermarkets. 

If you know of a lovely local grocer who will treat your guests well or even with a discount, let them know that too. Every little helps! :)

If you live in one of those seaside towns or cities with great streetfood, let your guests know. 

Streetfood is always one of those things that if done right is amazing, and if it is to be avoided, let them know. 

A guide to the vendors and a sample of their menus is a good idea. Even a guide to the best Ice Cream van in town, or the best chip van can make a day at the beach or a night out a lot more convenient! 

In most areas, farmers will gather weekly to sell their fresh produce at decent prices. This is a really nice experience for anyone staying away from home, and is a usual tweetable/ shareable experience from holiday makers on social networks. People love organic, fresh and natural food that is from the local area. 

So don't be shy in pointing out the whereabouts of the local market near you. 

Ah the good old takeaway. Nights in on the sofa with a movie is a luxury some people only save for their vacation. So let it be so. 

Put a few menus away in a kitchen drawer and leave a note to let your guests know they are there. 

Make sure the places deliver to your property address first! As it may be one of those big disappointments if the information is wrong. 

Again, a good selection of different food types is always good to include. 


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