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Top Ten Tips For Getting More Rentals - Tip 4 - Fun and Games


Little things can make a big impact, and never more so than adding the element of fun to your property. 

This can be a simple process of adding board games and silly suggestions for fun around the house. 

Families, friends and even couples will appreciate these touches on their stay, as they can add such a great experience to nights in. 

Here are a few ideas for fun and games and family activities that will add extra added value to your place as a holiday destination, and help get repeat business each year. 

Board Games

Think of the scenario where a family arrive and the weather is less than pleasant, it can happen and does happen from time to time. It is a wonderful surprise for a guest to arrive and find a cupboard of games for the family to play, some ideas are scrabble, pictionary, monopoly, draughts, risk, twister and many more. Games are an added extra that can make or break a stay, so think outside the box when getting your home ready for 2015 and release your inner child!



Puzzles are a great idea to keep kids engaged while mum and dad are busy getting the food ready or packing the car for the journey to the beach. Jigsaws and rubiks cubes are also fun for everyone in the family and for people of every age. Having a few around the house can be a lovely added perk to any family or group holiday. Make sure to find out the ages of any children staying however, as some of the smaller parts of certain puzzles may not be appropriate.



Is your home equipped with a DVD/ BlueRay player and a modern Television? Some of us like to escape to a holiday villa or home for a bit of getaway time from normal life, so having these things with a good selection of family movies and some modern movies can make a big difference. Think about what films you might like to see if only there were time, and stock up for your guests. 


There are loads of different video consoles on the market, and this might be a bit more tricky to monitor so it might be worth trying out a 'rental' for the stay with consoles like the Wii (which are great for sports style games) and Xbox, PS and various other gaming devices. We would advise that if you are going to supply video games, that the option of them be there for rental to cover damages, rather than them being a given in the package.



This is a nice touch to any home, and especially when on holiday in a quieter destination. Supplying baking trays and cupcake holders etc, can add a really nice activity suggestion to your guests. This is a nice family activity and a therapeutic thing to do for any adult on holiday. This is another case of thinking outside of the norm in your home and a nice little idea for rainy days. 


Are you an artsy person? It doesn't really matter too much. If you're home is family friendly you might consider having an arts and crafts area for kids. It is advisable to consult with the family staying first to make sure the supplies are appropriate, but it might be an added extra in the holiday package, and can allow people to make their own little holiday memories to bring back. 



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