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Holiday Homes Direct - Top Ten Tips to get more Rentals

HHD Top Tips for Getting More Rentals on Your Holiday Home:

Tip 1: Setting Your Rates. 

Looking forward... 
You have your beautiful home, all ready for visitors to rent and stay, and all bases are covered for the forthcoming 2015 season, the busy period... Does that describe you? Then you are very lucky! 

For the rest of us, we need a little guidance, and over the next ten weeks we will be sending you a series of tips to help you through the transition from the quieter autumn and winter into the busy booking period of the new year. 

So, are you all set to get started with us in planning ahead? 
Then Let's Go...

HHD Top Ten Tips for Holiday Home Owners How to get more rentals on your vacation property


Advice on Setting your Holiday Rates



It is helpful when setting rates to consider extras to the rental package. These could be free transfers from the airport, free welcome pack, free wifi, access to bicycles etc, think about what the added extras are on your property and consider these when setting your prices. 



Where do you place your rental in the market and what kind of renter are you looking for? Are you a luxury villa. a city apartment? a small cottage? When you know who your customer is, it is easier to set your price. A good exercise for this is to check out what other similar properties in similar areas cost, and this will give you a bar. 



One great consideration when setting your rates, and what may seem like an obvious one is your own bills, insurance and rates. Are these due to increase in the forthcoming year? If so, take this into consideration, it may be surprising if you aren't covering the costs of running your rental property.



Time flies as we all know, so it's best to get up to speed with what's coming ahead in the post Christmas rush, and the first thing we could recommend is to set your 2015 now, to generate early bookings. 


Early Bird Offers for holiday Homes

A good tip for getting more bookings sewn up for the new year is to set Early Bird prices for your rental home. This will encourage early bookings and is a good incentive for people to check out your property when searching for their holiday destination.



Try to split the rates between low, mid and high seasons. Check your rentals from last year, as they can help determine your busy periods. A good low season offer is to offer extra nights. E.g. 7 nights for the price of 5, families especially will appreciate these deals. 



The last thing to do is to fill out your rates on http://holidayhomesdirect.ie owners area, and let us know if you'd like us to tweet or Facebook about your 2015 rates! 





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