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Holiday Homes Direct - Top Ten Tips to get more Rentals Tip 6 Added Extras



Have you ever had a brain freeze moment where you just don't know what to do next? 

Well that's where number 6 comes in handy in our Top Ten Tips. This is all about added extras. Those little things you can add to a holiday makers experience that make a massive difference and help them appreciate the amount of effort and work that goes into making your house a home. 

We would love your feedback on the newsletters so far, and if there are any comments/ additions you'd like to make we can include them next week. Email the team HERE if you'd like to chat. 

Hope you get inspired! 


Safety first is a good motto if families use your properties, as they will keep returning to a place they can trust is good for their kids and will also feel more inclined to recommend you to a friend.

If you have a pool in your home, it is good to invest in a pool guard. There are also some safe and fun inflatable pool toys that can be supplied either at extra costs or you can absorb the price of these into the rental charges. 

When you have guests with small children, stair guards are a great idea. Make sure your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are in full working order. 

Provide a list of local emergency numbers; the local doctor, police, lost passport/ embassy or even the local chemist number can save a lot of stress in an emergency.

We hope these things never happen, but if they do, it is good to know you are prepared.

Try a little cross promotion with local companies. 

If you run a family friendly home for instance, then ask the local water park/ bowling alley/ ice skating rink for e.g to do a deal with your guests where they get money off by staying with you. 

If you are more the kind of place where couples go to get away from it all, do the same with intimate restaurants. 

If your home attracts groups, think about adventure centres and group activities. 

This can be enough to entice people to spend their holidays in your home rather than your competitor. Think about what your local area offers, and make a few phone calls for 2015! 


This was covered a bit in Tip no 5. Having a hamper with the essentials upon arrival can be a gift from the skies for guests, especially if they are arriving in the middle of the night after a long journey. 

Think about the basics: bread, milk, cheese, butter, sugar, salt, pepper, tea, coffee, water, fruit, crackers. You could even throw in wine or beer. Homes with a bottle of wine waiting for guests on arrival are popular with our guests.


Simple, yet in this day and age, necessary. If you can, it is advisable to provide wifi for your guests. Either at an extra charge, or free of charge (preferable) with the additional costs to you included in the price. Some properties have a computer and printer also, but this isn't wholly necessary, a nice added bonus though. 

You could even push the boat out further and have a list of recommended local sites on the wall :) 

It might surprise you but holiday homes without essentials like loo roll is more common than you think! That most basic and not talked about of human activities still needs to happen, so please don't leave your guests distraught and always remember this one! 

Other basics that are good to have around the house are: 

Matches for lighting fire/ candles and a  Sewing Kit. 

Little sachets of soap/ shower gel for the first night and towels are also a nice idea. Don't forget little things like a hairdryer, iron, hoover even. People still need to be people when they are on holiday. 


A lovely added extra, particularly if you have a home in a picturesque place or have a really interesting architectural place, is to get postcards made. 

Have a postcard or a few local made things that the family can take home and share with friends. 

Maybe supply some stamps for guests and a writing bureau in the house, so they can write and post them on their stay. 

Don't forget to put your holiday home address, phone number or the holiday homes direct website page on there so they will repeat business or spread the word. 


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