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Holiday Home Owners Ireland and how to take advatage of the rise in staycations

Holiday Home Owners Ireland

On a positive note, this current crisis could act as a major factor and in turn encourage more travel in the future. Months of lockdown will create more demand for travel and an appetite for discovering new destinations both at home and abroad.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated economies around the world and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. Tourism was brought to a complete halt, and while it has rebounded in the form of staycations, the process will be slow.  So, while COVID-19 continues to impact travel globally, it is crucial to begin to plan for the continued demand for staycations in 2020 and more importantly in 2021

There will be a significant surge in family and multi-generational travel once people are willing to book trips again. The cancellation of Patrick’s day, Easter, May bank holiday and the uncertainty about summer trips, missed weddings, christenings and birthdays; there is an expectation of movement as people seek reconnection with loved ones. We anticipate reunion travellers to be the first ones on the road once lockdown restrictions further loosen. 

  • Drive-to destinations, cabins, cottages and homes located in rural areas will be popular. At first, people will still hold a heightened sensitivity to the spread of coronavirus.
  • As Irelands country wide restrictions ease up, we expect to see far more interest in domestic travel and staycations. From our internal statistics, we have seen a 220 % increase in guest enquiries who want to travel within Ireland compared to last year.  This summer is expected to be spent on the road as travellers ditch their overseas vacations in favour of road trips. Travel by car and train will explode post-COVID-19. These modes of travel make people feel more secure: they’re less crowded, windows can be opened, and they’re far more environmentally friendly.  Marketing to the home market rather than international travellers through these coming months will be the key to gaining that competitive edge, as people begin re-exploring corners of their own country they never thought of visiting before.
  • Reunion and family travel after months of lockdown and separation from loved ones and family members, travellers will be focused on reuniting with those they have been separated from. The desire to come together will inspire travellers to seek out accommodation in close proximity to their homes inciting domestic tourism immediately. Family travel will create the demand for larger dwellings with full amenities that accommodate children and teens.
  • Holiday Home owners should make clear their offerings and amenities to attract these groups.
  • Recreational travel golf , walking , sightseeing, fishing ,properties close to nature and activities will grow and be much more desired , as an owner you should be highlighting the opportunities’ located close to your holiday homes.
  • Pet-friendly travel Pet-friendly accommodations that welcome a variety of pets will be attractive as travellers seek longer stays and family reunion type travel.  The rise of domestic tourism initially will draw travellers who wish to drive their whole family including pets to their destination.
  • SHOUT about and ensure that you have
    • Good Internet speed
    • Secure accommodation
    • TV ,Netflix
    • Fully furnished, washing machine, spin dryer, heating, microwave, coffee maker etc.
    • Professional contract and payment policy
    • Professional cleaning
    • Self-check-in more important now during the current crisis
  • Pricing
    • Length of stay avoid short stay during high season
    • Don’t lower prices however hold prices and if you decide to increase don’t be greedy
    • Review your cancellation policy

Get insurance Short-term home rental insurance is always a worthwhile investment. No one likes being pessimistic, but bad things can and do happen. Damages, thefts and cancellations are all common occurrences that aren’t always covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance

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